UK Bloggers remain ‘in a minority’

by Richard on April 21, 2006

Phil Bradley (something of an internet guru to Britain’s librarians — my wife thinks very highly of him, so he must be a good egg) links to this article from The Guardian, which shows that despite rising media awareness, British internet users are not catching the blogging bug.

Awareness of blogs dramatically increased in the three months to the end of February, with the proportion of internet users in Britain who have never heard of a blog, or blogging, falling from 45% in the previous quarter three to 30%, according to the BMRB survey.

But despite this there has been no significant change in the number of people who publish blogs, which remains at just 2% of UK internet users. Furthermore, only 10% - around 2.8 million people - of internet users view a weblog once a month or more.

“There has been disproportionate coverage of blogging, still only a minority ever read blogs and a tiny proportion publish them,” said Mr Vagg. “This suggests there is an over-hyping about how big the idea of people’s journalism is through using technology like camera phones and weblogs.”

As Phil says, “I guess that puts me well into the 1% category.”

Whether that’s the top 1%, or the bottom, I’m not certain.

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BD 04.24.06 at 6:19 pm

I’ve been hard pressed to find a comparative Canadian study, but I would suspect the numbers are similar.

I did see something in Australia awhile ago that tracks along similar lines.

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