e~mergent kiwi >> Easter Sunday is never tidy

by Richard on April 25, 2006

e~mergent kiwi on the untidiness of the resurrection

If you’re looking for a tidy faith, well wrapped and beautifully packaged, you’ve come to the wrong place.
You won’t find it in the 4 gospel Resurrection stories. You won’t find in among the first women or the first man looking for Jesus in the Resurrection Garden. All you’ve got is wondering and bewilderment.
Which got me thinking. Was faith around Jesus ever neat and tidy?
Didn’t Jesus always bewilder people?

Great stuff.

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Kim 04.25.06 at 3:14 am

I recently referred to the resurrection as “uneasy”, now we hear that was “untidy”. Some folk will now show us how it can be tidied up, like obsessive parents who think a play house should look like the White House

Wittgenstein said, “What’s ragged should be left ragged.”

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