Harry Potter is evil!!

by Richard on June 26, 2004

Steve Tomkins does his best to send up the Harry Potter leads people into witchcraft crowd, but as he says, when a group is so determined to parody themselves, what’s a satirist supposed to do?

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just a person 05.13.05 at 1:58 am

In my opinion i do not think Harry Potter is evil. It is genius! I have been to many websites and read many things how Harry Potter is evil because it represents satan, provokes witchcraft, and lures children to Wicca. Let me clear some things up for you: Wicca is not a religon who worships the devil, Wicca is an earth based religion who belives in the God and Goddess. It does not encourage people to create cults, or eat children, and all those stories about them are stupid. Wiccans belive in karma and being good to people. Another thing: Harry Potter does not lure kids to Satan. If Harry Poter did any thing like that, i think most people would not let there child read it. But no, millions of people young and old,including me, have read all the Potter books and i can assure it is good and wholesome.


Marcus Aurelius Maximus 06.27.05 at 1:50 am

Oh, no, my very naive friend. It is you who are mistaken, about one great, momentous item. But let’s not mince words. I’ll be very succint.
First off, you said this:

“Another thing: Harry Potter does not lure kids to Satan. If Harry Poter did any thing like that, i think most people would not let there child read it.”

Are you not aware that Satan masquerades as an Angel of Light? Seriously, if he came up to you with the pitchfork, tail, and horns, you would not be so fooled. But if he came up to you as someone wise and cunning, he would seduce you more easily. After all, the Emperor didn’t subjigate the galaxy by being Sidious, but as Palpatine.

So, beware of what you delve into. I have said what needs to be said. You know the truth now, so can we MoveOn.Maximus?


brian potter 07.15.05 at 7:20 pm

i’m sure harry’d be a far more palatable “wizard” to the christian right if he
donned a pointy white hood and danced around a burning cross, screaming
“god hates fags” ad nauseam…


Sitamun 07.18.05 at 4:44 pm

What is this “truth” you speak of? The truth that Harry Potter is just a fictional character in a fictional universe? I wonder just how much the “Harry Potter is Evil” crowd has in fact INCOURAGED more people to read these books. There is no evil hidden secret agenda in these novels, all they do is tell a great story and have gotten millions of children to read and use their imaginations as opposed to just sit in front of the television.


A 12 year old 07.20.05 at 11:33 pm

I want to know what the problem is! Harry potter is just a book. Why make the enigma so complexs and complicated? All those people who believe Harry Potter is evil. Get Over it . Why make a big deal about a FICTIONAL book? Relax, it’s just a book calm down and ponder about my coment.


An intelligent person 08.13.05 at 5:32 am

You people make me laugh, I agree with the 12 year old, and all the other sane people. Harry Potter is not, by any strech of the imagination, evil, and if you think it is then you need to get a grip and be sterilized, theres no way we should have to tolerate future generations of your kind.


Neorasp 01.20.06 at 10:19 am

I agree. harry potter has become a model for young childrans to be like, and he represent? He is lazy at school, support slavery (slavery of will is still one), is a snotish snob (sure he support equall rights for muggles- but he still feel superior to them, that racist basterd). is stupid (he is) self centered, and a lot like malfoy than anyone would care to know.
sure, nobody is perfect, but harry is more of a vilian than a hero.

If was only that, I could still love the book. but it seem harry don’t even awere of his negatives, and belive he is a good guy!
bed example for childrens.


mr skin 10.17.06 at 2:38 pm

I heard a rumor that Disney might be making a Harry Potter theme park? I imagine that it would do very well for a while, but in the long run it would flop.


Beth 10.18.06 at 12:12 pm

brian potter - sadly, I fear you might be right. Are you a relation?

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