by Richard on June 7, 2006

Today’s Independent brings the happy news that bicycle use in Britain is a showing significant increase

After a decade of stagnation in the number of bicycle journeys, new figures show there has been a dramatic leap in commuters and leisure cyclists focused on Britain’s cities and the burgeoning network of cycle routes. In London, trips by bike have increased by 50 per cent in five years to 450,000 per day while figures obtained by The Independent show use of the National Cycle Network, covering 10,000 miles of urban and rural pathways, rose last year by 15 per cent to 232 million journeys.

As a reasonably regular bike-user, I’m delighted — especially as this represents a ‘grass roots’ change rather than something cooked up by the government. But government has a duty to make the most of this new found enthusiasm for the bicycle by investing significantly in creating cycle-friendly routes. Cyclists have been second class road users for too long.

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sally 06.07.06 at 10:07 pm

me too, we have been using our bikes much more recently- making and effort for every journey we can- equipment permitting!!!


Rodney Olsen 06.08.06 at 12:47 am

Great news. With fuel prices continuing to rise I’m sure that the trend will continue.


Wes 06.09.06 at 5:33 pm

Many years ago, more than I care to admit, I lived for a time in Ipswich. It seemed to me then that the streets were clogged with bicycles. But maybe being from Texas where riding a bicycle on the street is tantamount to suicide, I just thought there were a lot of them.

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