Where’s ya bin?

by Richard on June 29, 2004

I detect a certain malaise in blogdom. People getting tired, taking breaks. Feeling disillusioned.

And in the middle of all that, I disappear for 2 days. My 3 regular readers might wonder if I’ve fallen victim to “bloggers’ wrist”, or whatever this present malady is. But rest assured! All is well here as far as blogging is concerned. My absence is the result of my not being able to do 2 things at once, and my attention has been drawn elsewhere. For my sabbatical I’ve been learning PHP and mySQL, and the last day or two I’ve been trying seriously to implement the project I’ve been thinking about for a while. (Don’t ask — it’ll make your eyes glaze over ;) ) Although I’m sure it would be a trivial exercise to an experienced programmer, the last time I tried to write anything from scratch was in SuperBasic on a Sinclair QL, so you can tell - I’m a bit out of practice! I’ve been pulling my hair out a bit to be honest, but this evening I began to feel like I was “getting there”.

The other reason I’ve been awol is also computer related. Another site I’m involved with is based on phpNuke, and it has always been fine. Unfortunately, it has been hacked by some evil *!%&*?* with too much time on their hands, and I’m having to give some thought to putting it right again. I’m not happy at all about this. There doesn’t seem to have been any point to the hacking. I can understand why someone might want to hack a government or corporate site, but what’s the point of hacking a site that’s used by a few friends to carry on a conversation?

But apart from that, I’m fine. Not jaded, disillusioned or intending to give up the blog. Just busy.

One last thing before I retire to my bed… If you can spare me a few moments in your prayers I’d be glad. I’m going on a school day trip to the beach tomorrow, and I might need them. Ah! The joy of 30 seven year olds! :-)

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Rodney Olsen 06.29.04 at 11:57 pm

I’ve noticed the bigs gaps in the blogosphere too. I’m hoping that rather than people becoming jaded it’s more a case of people living their lives and putting blogging into perspective.

While I love to blog every day I have to learn that if I miss a few days because I’m busy at work or spending time with my family it’s OK.

While my friends in the blogosphere are important to me I have other friendships that also need to be maintained.

Never the less it’s always good to read your posts. I’m glad you’re not thinking of dropping out.


Bene Diction 06.30.04 at 12:21 am

You got hacked to eh?
Seems people have too much time on their hands.
Why hack into blogs and emails and computers that are so easy?
Hang in there and blog on as you can!


Matt 25:40 06.30.04 at 2:56 pm

Happy to pray for you. And for a resolution to the hacker woes. Egad.

This new blogger hopes that the conversations continue; they have been life changing.


Jan 06.30.04 at 4:55 pm

Certainly my prayers for your little excursion too. I well remember accompanying my youngest son’s kindergarten class on a trip to the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens next to it. I spent most of my time preventing two 6 year old boys from committing murder/suicide over the sea wall into the harbour. I had more trouble with those two than with the rest of the group in my care. One was eventually fished out of the duckpond at lunchtime, dripping with green weed and slime after he had pushed in a boy from another school, also on excursion there. My son wondered at home later why I had scarcely spoken to him on the trip.

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