by Bene Diction on June 24, 2006

Digg is a hugely popular tech site in the US started in 2004 that is so successful it’s moving into more generalized categories.

It has become part of internet vocabulary as in ‘the digg effect’. Like Richard’s wiki, it is a user driven idea in an age where we are suffering information overload, RSS fatigue and various forms of technology pressure.

It’s a simple but powerful concept and now there is a counterpart for religious news called Sperocite.
Spero - citation - Sperocite.

I help out at Spero News, which is an international religious news site, that also has a wiki and a forum.
So it took some convincing for me to grasp the value of a digg style site for religious news.
I saw it as more work, more information overload and an opportunity for abusive by intense sellf promotors. But that isn’t what it is at all and that isn’t how it works. I tested it, submitting is easy, commenting is available and I couldn’t cheat in voting.:^)

To borrow from the digg description Sperocite is “a website that employs non-hierarchical editorial control. It is user driven, anyone can submit stories for review, but rather than allowing an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do.”

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Dave Warnock 06.24.06 at 11:36 pm


Are we supposed to submit our own posts? Does it automatically pick up new posts via RSS feeds?


Bene D 06.25.06 at 12:38 am

You submit , news you’re doing for example or if it’s someone elses post or article you think others would like; or someone might submit something you do.

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