Ten propositions on preaching

by Richard on June 25, 2006

Our own Kim fabricius offers Ten propositions on preaching over at Faith & Theology. Here’s the first to whet your appetite (!)

What is a sermon? Wrong question. A sermon is not a what but a who. A sermon is Jesus Christ expectorate. You eat the book; it is sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach (Rev. 10:9-11); you spit out the Word and spray the congregation. When grace hits the mark, it always begins with an unpleasant recoil.

A cheery image of a punk rock preacher gobbing at the congregation springs to mind — I hope it isn’t still there when I get into the pulpit tonight! There’s good stuff in the piece, well worth reading it all.

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Kim 06.25.06 at 12:50 pm

Much obliged, Richard.

Yes, that first image - rather grotesque, isn’t it? That I’ve lately been reading some Flannery O’Connor may help to explain my mind-set!!

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