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by Richard on June 29, 2006

Time. You never seem to have enough.

If getting more stuff done is your main concern, Ian has 13 tips for more effective time management.

On the other hand, you may be more focussed on “being” than “doing” right now. In which case our friend Bene Diction recommends the Jesuit-run Sacred Space for some online contemplation. As BD says, it’s a fine distraction from denominational politics.

Dave Faulkener, an evangelical Methodist, is vexed by the decision of the Methodist Conference on civil partnerships, declaring it “another chance to eat Methodist fudge”. I’m going to need to think and pray a bit before I comment, but like Dave Warnock I think he has some good points. However, I think he is wrong to perceive this as an issue of “unity at any price”. I reckon most of the time we approach ‘unity’ in an entirely wrong-headed way. We don’t need to strive for unity. All Christians are united in Christ, no matter how profound their disagreements. The question is whether we’re prepared to recognize the unity that already exists.

If your concerns are less inclined towards the eternal and more on how you’ll manage a trip across town, you’ll be pleased to know that London’s Critical Mass Ride has been judged to be legal. This is good news — cyclists are traffic too! (To find out if there’s a ride near you, consult the directory. Or learn how to start one) Who’s going to start one in Swansea?

But these different perspectives are not mutually exclusive. Quite the reverse. Making the most of our work, taking time for spiritual growth, thinking through matters of truth and some good old activism should be part of all of our lives.

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Ian McKenzie 06.29.06 at 4:38 pm

You forgot to mention that if their concerns are less about Do and Be, but more do be do, then they should check out Frank Sinatra. ;)


Richard 06.29.06 at 5:51 pm

! :)


Kim 06.29.06 at 6:52 pm

Hey Ian and Richard,

Beth once gave me a clay coaster; it’s in my living room On it is written:

To do is to be - Rousseau
To be is to do - Sartre
Dobedobedo - Sinatra

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