Holy Mischief

by Richard on July 18, 2006

CBC.ca profiles a Christian magazine that sounds like it might be worth reading, the irreverently titled Geez.

Geez’s mandate is to have some fun with faith, to mix it up a little. One page in the premiere issue was set up as a boxing card, with televangelist Pat Robertson’s right-wing Jesus duking it out with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s left-wing Jesus in a comic critique of people who drag God into party politics. The recurring Make Affluence History page offers a funny parallel to the Make Poverty History campaign, with a plea to help over-privileged children by unplugging them from their expensive electronics and sending them outside to climb trees.

I strongly doubt my local CLC will carry it!

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DH 07.18.06 at 4:34 pm

I didn’t know that Hugo Chavez even believed in Jesus let alone have a personal relationship with Him. However, the post was rather humorous and rather funny. :)


Tim 07.18.06 at 6:08 pm

Not surprisingly, ‘Geez’ is produced by a bunch of young Mennonites!!!


DH 07.18.06 at 7:39 pm

Oh Tim, that explains it. Thanks for the clarification. It makes sense now. :)


Questing Parson 07.19.06 at 1:08 am

I’m just sitting here reveling in the visual of the Jesus vs Jesus match.

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