News Update from the Bible Lands Society

by Richard on July 29, 2006

At the end of June, Israeli troops re-entered Gaza in a campaign to force the release of a captured Israeli soldier. Since this time, Gaza has been under siege, leaving its people with regular military attacks, lack of freedom of movement, water, food, electricity and fuel, and with rising unemployment and poverty. Over 140 Palestinians have been killed, including 39 doctors, ambulance drivers and nurses.

We have lost touch with our Project Partners in Gaza. Gaza is now completely isolated and with recent bombings and the loss of power and water in the Gaza Strip, the St John Eye Hospital outreach clinic and the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City are now unreachable. Independent reports on 20 July suggested that the hospital had less than two weeks’ supply of fuel for its generator, and was suffering severe overcrowding and that stocks of medicines were depleted. Since then we have received news from the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East, who administer the Al Ahli Hospital. This confirms that the hospital lives through an emergency situation and is in great need of support, and most of all your prayers. The situation in Gaza is heartbreaking and distressing. The hospitals across the Gaza Strip, including Al Ahli Arab Hospital, are in a desperate situation. The operating rooms are full and supplies are running dangerously low, as the crossings into Gaza, through which medical supplies come, have now been closed for about a month.


[Biblelands is a non-denominational Christian charity "working in partnership with Christian-led Projects in the lands of the Bible. Our Partners share the compassion of Jesus as they tend, treat and teach the young, the sick and the needy and seek to bring the peaceful things of God to those in most need – regardless of their faith or nationality"]

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salwa sabry 01.23.07 at 10:24 am

Dear brothers & sisters at Christ,
I would like to contact Mo , I hope she still remmber me . I use to work at Boulac center - Episcopal Church - Egypt
Salwa Sabry


Bob McKewin 11.10.07 at 6:51 pm

Am a friend of Daniel Burton who served with me in Ramallah twenty years ago.

Am going to Jerusalem and vicinity the 15th of this month. Hope to find a way to get to Bethlehem to see old friends there, and to visit the Church of the Nativity.

Can you help me?

Bob McKewin

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