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by Richard on August 3, 2006

I saw this on Bene Diction Blogs On and Ian’s Messy Desk

If you’re not familiar with blogtipping, it works thus:

  • Choose three or more bloggers you admire and link to them;
  • List three reasons why you admire each one; and
  • Add one tip for each blogger.

Easy Peasy

Why not?!

Andrew Careaga
1. Excellent taste in music.
2. Not afraid to engage the world outside the Christian subculture.
3. Blogs with humour and grace - doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Tip: The podcasts are great - let’s hear your voice.

The Pig’s Lip
1. Blogs with a really strong sense of place. If the photos don’t make you want to visit Gower, there is something wrong with you.
2. An obviously strong commitment to family and friends.
3. A willingness and ability to look “off the beaten track” for ideas.

Tip: How come we’ve never met one another? Let’s have a pint sometime.

Ben Myers
1. A great depth of theological thought
2. An open and welcoming attitude to differences of opinion.
3. The ability to communicate complex ideas without being patronising.

Tip: I’d like some some “theology for beginners”, or introduction to key theologians type of posts. Please.

*Blog tipping is in no way related to cow tipping, which is a practice we do not condone

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Dave Warnock 08.03.06 at 5:46 pm

Had to look up cow tipping.


Richard 08.03.06 at 5:48 pm

Just goes to prove that you can learn something new every day!


Lindsey 08.03.06 at 6:24 pm

Thanks for the fun meme - I might need to try that myself!


Andrew 08.03.06 at 8:25 pm

Very nice, Richard. Thanks for including me.

Re: my voice. Have you ever heard Bobcat Golthwaite? ;) (Actually, I’m just too miserly to buy a mic. I’m thinking of recording on my mp3 recorder, though. Give me time.)



Ben Myers 08.04.06 at 12:38 am

Thanks for the kind words, Richard, and especially for the tip. Believe it or not, I’ve never thought of doing this — so I might give it a try.


Chris E 08.04.06 at 3:14 pm

Just returned to my wife’s mother’s house in Norwich and read your post about my blog. Loved your definition of blogging with a sense of place - something which is true but has never really occurred to me before. And as for a meet up - I am sure that it is only a matter of time - after leaving Norwich on Monday, we will be camping in Salisbury then Glastonbury but I am missing Gower already
Thanks again,
Chris E


Ben Myers 08.06.06 at 2:47 pm


MadPriest 08.06.06 at 3:14 pm

Ben Myers is The Man with the Theological plan and a daily visit of mine. Glad you persuaded him to go for a beginners guide - something I’ll be able to understand, at last.

A lot of people think good taste in music is subjective - but that is simply not true. Good taste, in fact, is what I say is good taste and I’m afraid Andrew Careaga does not pass the test. I had not got about two paragraphs through his most recent post when I came across the two words: Billy Joel ( and these two words were not followed by “is a load of c**p”). I put his taste in music on par with Rev Sams at and I’m sorry that is not very good.

See you at Ben’s place.


Easton Ellsworth 08.07.06 at 10:34 pm

Not only wouldn’t I condone cow tipping, but I also wonder if it’s even possible to do.

At any rate - thanks for going blogtipping with me this month. It’s been very enjoyable for me to discover blogs in such a unique niche.

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