An Inconvenient Truth

by Richard on August 27, 2006

Peter Glover continues to be vexed about predictions of hot weather for August

July was indeed a hot month. Towards the end of July they told us “August will be even hotter”. Basically, it has not stopped raining or showering - and thus cooling - the countryside since. Now they confirm what most of us already guessed: that the hot long hot summer, the even hotter August were gross mis-predicted climate events.

I share his pain — I was counting on sunshine in August rather than the showers we got. But the inconvenient truth here is that rain or sunshine for the UK in August is a matter of weather, not climate. Despite the weather forecasters errors, all the evidence continues to show that the global climate is indeed warming. Nobody doubts it. The controversy is about the cause, not the symptom.

And another thing. Why do people keep referring to “Al Gore’s movie”, An Inconvenient Truth? It was directed by Davis Guggenheim. It’s his movie, surely.

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John 08.28.06 at 3:24 pm

I’m glad that Gore is traveling around the world educating us about this menace.

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