An arrest is reported

by Richard on December 11, 2006

“How do feel, hearing the news that an arrest has been made in the investigation of Michael Blakey’s murder?” asked the journalist.

How do I feel?

Over the last week or so I have read alot of stuff on news websites speculating on the circumstances of Mike’s death. Stories have been embellished and distorted — I hesitate to say “made up” — and journalists have frequently stated as facts things which could at best be described as rumour. Many of the jounalists covering this story have done a good job, its true, but it would be fair to say that my image of the journalists’ profession has not been improved by the experience of the last seven days. So I’m very reluctant to react to this new report.

I know that the police have spoken to Pawan Bharadwaj before, but the fact of his arrest does not imply his guilt. Spare a thought for Rachel Owen, Pawan Bharadwaj’s wife, in all this. She is grieving the loss of a close friend and colleague in Mike. Now she has to deal with the arrest of her husband too.

I can’t begin to imagine how you deal with that.

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blonde 12.11.06 at 3:33 pm

I don’t know how you are so restrained about journalists Richard!! I am spitting. Is it not enough that Michael’s family, friends and colleagues have to attempt to deal with the fact of his murder, without such stupid lies being reported as fact to make it so much more difficult? Why must they try to sensationalise everything. One paper is even insinuating something about Michael’s “close friendship” with Suresh, the boy with polio in the photograph that has been circulated. It is disgusting that people will print any unsubstantiated rumour without thinking or checking. I am unbelievably angry.

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