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by Kim on January 28, 2007

A couple of Sundays ago, chilling out at home after a mid-afternoon service, I tuned into the middle an old Mel Gibson flick. Our Mel had just advised a 10-year-old boy to go and spill his heart to a girl in his class that he fancies. So the lad climbs a tree next to the girl’s house in the middle of the night, throws some stones at her window, and when she gets up and opens it, he starts singing, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”. It’s a song that always makes me smile – and sing along. And I thought, maybe there’s a ditty of a hymn in that tune. There was – and here it is. I hope you like it.

Eternal Father, almighty Father,
you made the heavens and formed the earth;
you shaped all creatures
with wondrous features,
and in time brought Jesus to birth.

Eternal Jesus, incarnate Jesus,
the one who sits at the Father’s knee,
through human mother
became our brother,
lived and died for me, even me.

Eternal Spirit, life-giving Spirit,
love of the Father, love of the Son,
you live inside us
and safely guide us
through the church to worlds yet to come.

O Liberator, Son and Creator,
we worship you, Lord, in song and prayer;
your soul is gracious,
your heart is spacious,
in your joyful being we share.

Kim Fabricius

[Richard adds: it makes a change from Wesley! :)
By coincidence, this has also been posted at Faith and Theology. Great minds..., eh Ben?!]

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Eugene McKinnon 01.28.07 at 10:22 pm

Hey Kim,

Could I have permission for my church to play it? My congregation has a children’s song and I know my supervisors and the congregation would get a kick out of it. Good work on putting Christian lyrics to You Are My Sunshine.


Eugene McKinnon


kim fabricius 01.29.07 at 12:06 am

Hi Eugene.

My “permission”? My pleasure!

And as the hymn was written by a 58-year-old child, what could be more appropriate - or complimentary - than that it be sung by children.

Best wishes,


Eugene McKinnon 01.29.07 at 7:11 am

Thank you Kim. I e-mailed my supervisors and I look forward to their response. I know the Child and Family Minister will be over the moon.


Eugene McKinnon


ee 01.29.07 at 2:43 pm

Thanks Kim, not a combination I’d have thought likely! I’ve linked you, and developed this theme on my blog too.

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