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by Richard on February 6, 2007

Turbulent Cleric gives us one of Isaac Watts’ finest hymns. Could you sing it with a straight face?

From the other end of the political spectrum, Peter Glover is to launch a new website which will “present the case for global warming de-hyping and non-alarmism”, which sounds like it is going to be fun. Peter really, REALLY, doesn’t like environmentalists (environMENTALists he calls them) but he’s better at invective and sarcasm than he is at science. I’m looking forward to it. I’m just hoping there’ll be comments. [If you’re after solid information about climate change, you could do a lot worse than RealClimate, a really splendid (if sometimes rather technical) blog by a group of climate scientists.

Ramblin’ Folkie takes us for a walk on Gower and waxes lyrical about the qualities of this lovely corner of Wales. It’s true, Swansea and Gower do seem to have the ability to hold people enthralled. It isn’t always a good thing.

Gambling Watch Global continues to be a good source of useful information about trends in gambling. Well worth keeping an eye on, especially at a time when the British government has come up with the extraordinary idea that gambling is a route to economic regeneration.

Finally, Compass, the Christian wiki, has gone through a bit of a revival after lying dormant for too long and being laid waste by spammers. New contributors have made great efforts at clearing up — now we need to have a go at recruiting some more people to add content. How about you?

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Larry B 02.07.07 at 5:33 am

“especially at a time when the British government has come up with the extraordinary idea that gambling is a route to economic regeneration.”

I see that math education has sadly fallen off in the UK too (I was hoping it wasn’t spreading too far outside the US). Apparently playing zero sum games (or negative expectation games) now somehow looks like economic growth to everyone.

I understand the church’s point about gambling addiction, however it’s not a high percentage of people who will actually suffer from the addiction. It’s a wee bit frustrating that the church relies so heavily on this message. Most people sitting in casino’s won’t give this a second thought, because they aren’t suffering addiction. And the one’s who are addicted don’t care.
If the church insists on inserting itself into this debate, I’d really rather see them expend more time and effort pounding home the idea that gambling is pure and simple redistribution of existing wealth based on greed and chance with no expectation of wealth creation enhancing the overall good of society. No amount of gambling can increase the health and wealth of an economy.

Gambling interests are exceedingly good at hiding the fact that they don’t create wealth. In fact the spread the myth that they somehow create wealth. We should do more to counter that myth and expose it for what it is.

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