A Hymn for Palm Sunday

by Kim on March 26, 2007

Jesus entering the city
on a donkey, grand but gritty,
weeping tears of peace and pity -
rocks and stones cannot be dumb

Jesus at the place of praying,
overturning tables, saying,
“In my Father’s house no paying!” -
now the temple’s Judge has come.

Jesus in the temple preaching,
using stories for his teaching,
Pharisees and scribes are screeching,
while the traitor does his sums.

Jesus breaking bread at table
with the friends that he’s enabled -
“Who’s the greatest?” - speech of Babel -
fit not even for the crumbs.

Jesus in the garden crying,
“Spare me from this dreadful dying!”
God is silent - terrifying! -
but the Saviour won’t succumb.

Jesus at his execution
starts religion’s revolution,
end of violent retribution -
victim victor now becomes.

(Suggested tune: Quem pastores laudavere)

Kim Fabricius

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Richard 03.26.07 at 8:21 pm

Another hit Kim!

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