Jesus Camp and George Bush

by Richard on March 20, 2007

With thanks to Wood who decribes it as “one of the vilest things I have seen for a long, long time.”

I’m not going to argue with that. But I wonder where I can get a GWB cardboard figure like that? It might come in handy…

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Chris S 03.20.07 at 12:05 pm

Naziesque propaganda + God = One of the scariest things I have ever seen that makes me fear for humanity.

On the lighter side… Richard, if you find a place to get a cardboard Bush, let me know…


Kim 03.20.07 at 3:23 pm

Boy, they must have really pulled some strings to get the real George W. Bush to come instead of some stupid cardboard cutout. And those spirit-filled people the President surrounds himself with were so spirit-filled they were invisible. Amazing.


Art 03.20.07 at 4:13 pm

I’m giving away cardboard figues of Bush for a small donation to the Democratic national committee;)


dh 03.20.07 at 4:42 pm

While I agree with all of you that “cardboard figurines” to “pray over” is “over-the-top”, what is so wrong with teacking kids to pray for our governmental leaders? Also, doesn’t the Bible say “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power and rulers of this dark and present evil age.”? It seems “Spiritual warfare” IS important and applicable as evident from this NT passage.


Bene D 03.20.07 at 8:30 pm

Hey we can exchange, you can get us a cardboard cut out of Tony B.
Oh, no wait…you might wind up sending the real thing.:^)

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