A Brief History of Time

by Mike on July 21, 2004

Time. You kind of take it for granted, at least in the UK. Here in India though, time is of a different nature. I’m not entirely sure of the physics involved in calculating time, or ascertaining what it actually is, but i’m aware that unless you’re travelling close to the speed of light, it remains pretty much constant.

However, have experiments ever been conducted in India? There are some strange phenomena here, I admit, but nothing stranger than the ability of time to simply move back and forward, left and right; to speed up and slow down; to jump, here and there, leaving the unaccustomed European in total confusion.

You can be in one place, and it’ll be 6:30pm. You’ll walk down the street, enter another building, and all of a sudden you’ve jumped back in time, and it’s 5:55pm. You’ll walk outside, slightly confused, and ask a passer by for the time. ‘oh, maybe it’s 7:15′. Again, a time paradox. Contemporary physics doesn’t seem to explain it; things here certainly don’t move at the speed of light.

Indians themselves also seem to have a strange ability to tap into time without need for such instruments as watches and clocks. Ask any person in the street for the time, and rather than looking at a watch, said Indian will simply shake his or her head slightly and instantaneously pluck the time out of mid-air.

Remarkably however, and this is the amazing thing, everything seems to run without a hitch, because even if something arrives early or late, it doesn’t matter. Simply ask around for a while, and someone will give you the time you want; it’s that simple.

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Malc 07.21.04 at 1:41 pm

Or because no-one has a working clock they daren’t complain about something not being no time, cause they might be wrong….. Makes me feel reministent of the time of the Empire…..


Anonymous 07.21.04 at 2:12 pm

it seems you arent aware….Indians work according to the IST system that is, the Indian Standard Time.


Mike 07.22.04 at 6:31 am

Indian STANDARD time?! What’s standard? Really, though, I love it, no one’s ina rush; everyone has time to help someone else, and there’s always time for a cup of sweet chai. i wish the whole world ran on Indian Standard time; people’d be a lot nicer to each other.

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