A quick update

by Richard on July 24, 2004

A smooth rail journey and a tolerable flight from Gatwick brought us safely to the US. The nice people at Alamo were persuaded to part with one of their cars for a time so we’re able to get around while we’re here. I could have wished that my reintroduction to America’s roads had been somewhere other than Atlanta, but I survived the experience without having a nervous breakdown. Made the drive from Atlanta to Louisville today (or yesterday, depending on your perspective) and I’ll be giving a short “devotion” at a Men’s prayer breakfast in the morning. Which means only one thing — it’s well past my bedtime!

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Bene Diction 07.24.04 at 5:45 am

I wondered how you were faring as stranger in a strange land.
Glad to hear you landed safely, and are adjusting to life on this side of the pond.
You do have some grand summer adventures…looking forward to more.
Sleep well and blog on!


Ian McKenzie 07.24.04 at 5:50 am

Just remember, the right side is the right side ;->


Bene Diction 07.24.04 at 6:00 am

Louisville 25C and sunny. Humidex 33C.
Cardiff 19C (today or tomorrow depending where you are) and sunny.
Not too much of an adjustment I trust.


Mike 07.24.04 at 1:53 pm

It’s all getting very international. Tell me, who’s going to tell us what’s going on in the UK?!


Joel Thomas 07.25.04 at 2:43 am


Hope the trip is great!

The first time I drive on the left side people will die!

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