Anglicans needs photo of the Transfiguration

by Richard on June 21, 2007

Dave Walker reports that our friends in the Communications Office of the Anglican Church need a photograph of the Transfiguration.

If you were present at the Transfiguration and managed to get a photo then please do send it in to them. I appreciate that most of those present at the Transfiguration would not have had a camera, so a photo from a mobile phone will do just fine.

I hope they’re offering good money for the pic.

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Mark Woods 06.21.07 at 10:04 am

I was there, and I had film in my first century camera, but my standard Roman issue mobile phone was ringing with a long distance call from Samaria, and since it was my Syrian agent, I had to take the call.

I tried to call my editor in Carthage, but the Mount of Olives has very few phone boxes and I had just run out of sheckels . . .

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