Poisoning the Student Mind

by Richard on June 21, 2007

Wood (top bloke!) has added a new job to his portfolio.He’s become editor of the Student Christian Movement magazine, Movement. I’m certain he’ll do a cracking job and have said as much to the fine folk at SCM.

For those not ‘in the know’, SCM is the smaller of the two main organisations for Christian students, David to UCCF’s Goliath. Wood describes them thusly

They’re compassionate, professional, well-organised, democratic, intellectually rigorous, possessed of faith-based convictions, and also possessed of something approaching a sense of humour, unlike some other student-based Christian organisations I can think of. SCM are the gay-rights-supporting, anti-war-campaigning, social-justice-advocating, interfaith-dialogue-promoting hellbound liberals of the Christian student world.

In other words, SCM are on the side of the angels. ;)

Wood claims that he is trying to persuade them to adopt ‘worse than murderers’ as their slogan, but you’ll have to read his post to find out why. You’l also learn the origin of this post’s strange title.

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Arni Zachariassen 06.21.07 at 10:05 pm

Sounds like a refreshing alternative to the kind-of-not-so-exciting CU at Aberdeen Uni. Maybe I should look into starting an affiliate group..


Wood 06.21.07 at 10:57 pm

Do it - they’d be very glad to meet you.

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