A Vocation

by Kim on June 21, 2007

Someone rashly asked for some more sketches. How’s this?

GOD: Oi, Moses . . .

MOSES: [Startled] Who’s that?

GOD: Over here. In the bush. It’s me.

MOSES: And who, hotshot, is “me”?

GOD: I AM “me”. Yahweh’s the name. But you can call me God.

MOSES: You mean as in “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”?

GOD: That’s the one. And now I’m gonna be your God too. You see, Moses, I’ve been thinking, and I reckon it’s time you had a vocation.

MOSES: You’re telling me! Always looking over my shoulder after my “little problem” in Egypt - I’m all stressed out. And this shepherding - it’s better than being unemployed, but it’s hard work. And now with the new nipper keeping me and her indoors up all night . . . Yes, a holiday is just what I need. Got any place particular in mind? Rhodes? Tunisia? Majorca? . . .

GOD: [Trying to interrupt] Moses . . .

MOSES: Cyprus? Crete? The south of France? . . .

GOD: [Imperiously] Moses!!

MOSES: Sorry, God. But I’m so excited! I haven’t had a holiday in years.

GOD:: Moses, I didn’t say vacation, I said vocation.

MOSES: Vocation? [Aside] Uh-oh. Why do I get the feeling that I’m going to regret this conversation? [Trying to change the subject] Actually, God, you’re right. Who needs a vacation? Next year maybe. A weekend rock-climbing in Sinai, or at a Red Sea resort, that’s all the break I really need. But forget about me. How are things with you? Smite anyone interesting lately?

GOD: [Losing his patience] No time like the present! Now put a sock in it, Moses, and listen. I’ve got a job I want you to do for me. I want you to redeem my people.

MOSES: You mean “my people” as in “Israel”?

GOD: Got it in one!

MOSES: And you mean “redeem” as in “liberate”?

GOD:: Two out of two!

MOSES: And, like, from oppression, from Egypt, from Pharaoh with all his shock and awe?

GOD: Hat-trick!

MOSES: But . . . but . . . but . . .

GOD: With all those “buts”, Moses, you might as well be one of your goats!

MOSES: I might as well be, God. They’ll roast me on a spit if I return to Egypt. No, God, you’ve got the wrong man. I’m a nobody . . .

GOD: And?

MOSES: And I won’t know what to say . . .

GOD: And?

MOSES: And, anyway, they won’t listen to me . . .

GOD: Moses . . . ?

MOSES: Yes, God . . . ?

GOD: Haven’t you forgotten something?

MOSES: Like . . . ?

GOD: Like I am calling you. Like I am sending you. Like I will be with you.

MOSES: That, God, is just what I’m afraid of! No, I’m not gonna like this.

GOD: Who said anything about “like”? “Like” has got nothing to do with it. “Like” is for false, feelgood prophets. It’s a matter of obedience. Now to Egypt with you!

MOSES: [Pauses] Eh, God . . . ?

GOD: Yes, Moses . . . ?

MOSES: I don’t suppose I could go via Tenerife, could I?

Kim Fabricius

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Richard 06.21.07 at 5:47 pm



rad 06.21.07 at 6:11 pm

oh yeah, just when you think you got out of one storm…and think life could possibly let you read a book under a tree or just gaze at stars all night…its time for another storm. Sometimes, i wonder - in this case - Moses, ever gets to do what he would really like? Isn’t ‘like’ important, because everything else he does is in fact what he does for God and/or truth sake? Coz if he gets to do what he likes….he might better be able to do what he should do,…even though he doesnt quite like it. Enlighten me about the Christ would say to this…I am in a phase of asking questions.


Oloryn 06.21.07 at 9:11 pm

Why do I have this urge to combine this with Ken Medema’s song ‘Moses’?

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