Christian sect aims to sponsor flagship school

by Richard on June 25, 2007

An evangelical Christian sect that considers television and computers evil is in talks with the Government about sponsoring a city academy, it became clear last night.
Members of the Exclusive Brethren met Jim Knight, the schools minister, to discuss the possibility of backing one of Tony Blair’s flagship schools.
The sect believes that the world is the domain of the devil and that children should be taught in “safe places”.

The article goes on to say that other schools run by the Brethren’s education trust have been ‘highly praised’ by education inspectors, despite their refusal to use computers and the severe limits they place on the teaching of biology. Hmm… One of these schools is based in Swansea, and my recollection is that it got hauled over the coals at its last inspection. Weaknesses in the curriculum it offered were so severe that the school was threatened with closure, despite some undoubtedly good features.

I’m all for teaching our children in ’safe places’. What parent isn’t! But it is surely a mistake to try to keep our children in some kind of Christian ghetto.

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Bene D 06.26.07 at 4:33 pm

You are being kind to call Exclusive Brethren efforts a Christian ghetto.

This is s cult, sociologically and theologically - it is not orthodox by any stretch of the imagination.

Australia and NZ has had a great deal of difficulty with them, and it turns out two leaders in Canada wrecked havoc on a political process. Just two. Deliberately, wilfully set out to disrupt and did well at it. They have money, determination, double standards and of course an agenda that the rest of us better bow to.

The BBC has some good resources on the movement as does the Australia Broadcasting Corporation.


the survivor 07.02.07 at 7:19 am

Two things: firstly, nobody else need worry except about the principle, as the EBs won’t do anything that requires them to take non-EB children into their schools, and secondly, they are easing up on the computer issue.

The whole point is that they believe it is their responsibility to ensure a “pure generation” of their own children, and that means isolating them from other influences, even of their own age group. I feel very sorry for those kids, but it won’t affect others.

See for snippets about the group.

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