Praise the Lord — and toot some doobie. So that’s what ‘emerging church’ is all about

by Richard on June 26, 2007

Yessiree. The Emerging Church has been nailed as a bunch of pot-smoking hippies.

And then as the Lord led me into the study of the new cult of liberal theology which is the Emergent Church oddly enough much of the bohemian and communal talk reminded me of the 60’s. So I got to thinking, many of these Emergent leaders would have been studying under professors who were also growing up in the late 50’s and early 60’s. I’m not preaching anything here, but rather simply musing as I personally notice the look emerging around things Emergent.

So I felt led to do a little digging and I found the article Bill Clinton Stole My Line or The Perils of Hippy Lettice on the appropriately named website of the emerging church called the Ooze. My thought here was so many of the Emergents I have studied and dialogued with make much argument for culturally accepted issues like going to secular bars and the consumption of alcohol to also be a part of the life of the so-called “Christ-follower” as well.

Now I’m not going to chase rabbit trails here so I’m not arguing about this. No, I simply began to wonder: If those in the emerging church so much want those things to be a part of their lives, could some of them also begin to argue in favor of smoking a plant which grows naturally as a part of God’s allegedly “restored” creation. After all, the Rastafarians I had been friends with in the 80’s were also very religious and they told me that Jah (God) had given this plant to man for “wisdom.”

He goes on to quote someone who owns up to the occasional puff on a bong. And that’s it. Case closed. It isn’t just that those emergent types are liberal pinkos. They’re also a bunch of druggies.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

(With thanks to way out west, who chose to laugh.)

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dh 06.26.07 at 8:54 pm

Isn’t alcohol a mind altering and potentially hallucinating drug? More people have died at the hands of alcohol than any other drug. They aren’t saying that emergent are marajuana smoking although I know some that are. It is just the logic of Christians drinking alcohol is similar to the logic of using other drugs that are hallucinatory and mind altering. I’m not going to say Emergent are “messed up” because some of my very good friends are Emergent. It is just the promotion of the consumption that concerns me. If they want to drink that is between them and God but when they give an attitude that ALL Christians must do this to be close to God that is where I seperate.


Arni Zachariassen 06.26.07 at 9:31 pm

Paul promoted the consumption of alcohol in 1. Tim. 5:23. He also warned against the over-consumption of it in Eph. 5:18. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking a pint of beer or a glass of wine. The Bible doesn’t forbid it and Jesus certainly didn’t object to the wedding guests drinking his wine. So the inflamed attitude Americans (and others) often have towards alcohol is not only unhelpful and a bit stupid - it lacks Biblical support. Just a comment to the comment above.

Don’t read to much in to this, please, but does the Bible ever deal with drug use? Does it ever forbid it? Does it speak against “altering the mind”? Just wondering..

Oh yeah.. What a stupid post (the one about the emerging potheads, that is..).


malc 06.26.07 at 10:06 pm

Come now, we all know that pinko liberals are all grass smoking, guitar playing, long haired, flip-floppy, reality blind, self-rightous, race obsessed, unpatriotic, good-for-nothing sell outs, middle class, tree hugging enviro-nazis, retro-economists, rabid petit bourgoisie, ballot-box-stuffing morons, holier-than-thou scoundrels with froth around their mouths.

But you’ve gotta laugh!!!! ;o)


Ken Silva 06.26.07 at 10:20 pm

“But you’ve gotta laugh!!!! ;o)” Indeed we do boys, indeed we do. :-)


dh 06.26.07 at 10:41 pm

Arni,m have you heard of the Greek term “pharmacea” (spelling) defined as hallucinatory drugs. The Bible refers to that as a form of sorcery. So yes, the Bible DOES forbid drugs that are hallucinatory in nature. Also the term wine in English has multiple terms in the Greek one definition is “new wine”, the other “old wine” and the other is a form of “new wine” where they took jelly and made a “grape drink” out of it that wasn’t alcoholic. While I’m not going to divide over peoples use of alcohol, except when it comes to people getting drunk, I personally believe that the “wine” Jesus made at the wedding was “new wine”. When one of the attendents said “Save the best for last” in Biblical times the “best wine” was the sweetist wine. In Biblical times they went from the sweetist to the most bitter. The fact that God made the best (sweetist) at the last shows how much of a miracle it was. Hummm, Jesus being the sweetist name of all. Great word play here. :)

I still stand by the logic of the reference in the post with regard to Emergent. However, I think it is way over the top and hostile. Logical? yes uncalled for? yes


Kim 06.27.07 at 12:40 am

Like, groovie, that’s far out, man.


Larry B 06.27.07 at 2:58 am

Yea, but the supreme court over here didn’t like the sign

“Bong Hits for Jesus”

so I think the emergent church is on it’s hit list.


Josh 06.27.07 at 4:58 pm

dh, the word used in Greek to refer to the wine at the Wedding at Cana is oinos. According to the 3rd edition of Danker/Bauer’s lexicon, it is defined as “a beverage made from the fermented juice of the grape”. And in the days beofre refrigeration, any grape juice would have “gone bad” very quickly, especially in that climate.

What Jesus created at Cana was wine, full stop. You’re welcome to your personal belief that Jesus made non-alcoholic wine (fre?), but it is in no way supported by the text.

As for “pharmacea”, where exactly does the Bible forbid that? Just curious.

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