Star Wars question

by Richard on July 25, 2004

I see that the title of the new Star wars film has been announced:

The third and final Star Wars prequel - due for release next summer - will be called Revenge of the Sith, producer Lucasfilm has said.
The film, out in May 2005, links the prequels with the original trilogy by showing how Anakin Skywalker becomes the evil Darth Vader.

The important question for me is not “What’ll it be called?” but, on the evidence of the last two prequels, “How bad will it be?”

It breaks my heart. I know that I’m going to have to go and see it. But lets face it. Episode 1 was plain awful and episode 2 plumbed new depths of woeful awfulness. Surely episode 3 can’t be worse still?

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Godfrey 07.26.04 at 1:52 pm

Surely episode 3 can’t be worse still?

Hmmm. George Lucas writing the screenplay? Check. Hayden Christiensen reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker? Check. Jar-Jar Binks? Check. Planet full of furry creatures? Check. Character’s design “inspired by the shape of a bathroom detergent spray nozzle”? Check.

Looks like it’s shaping up nicely.


Wood 07.26.04 at 3:53 pm

Why on earth do you need to see it?

Honestly, now?


Malc 07.26.04 at 5:47 pm

Now, apart from the acting (which is wooden) and the plot (was there one) least some of the action sequences were good….. The battle-ground of Jedi vs. Clones and of course, Yoda battling away single-handed..!!! Though where they had R2-D2 flying was a bit too much, and what’s his name Christian Anderson or what ever (who plays Anikin) who could be replaced with a crash-test dummy, and no-one would notice the difference…..


Jonathan 07.26.04 at 6:02 pm

The Yoda fight-scene was horrible, IMHO. Totally ruined Yoda’s image and personality.


Malc 07.26.04 at 6:49 pm

That may have been the case, but it was still one of the coolest parts of the film (maybe by that point I was ready to accept anything as good…..??)

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