Conflicted Voting

by Joel on July 27, 2004

Does it feel strange when your candidate is sometimes helped by things you oppose, such as a lottery or cockfighting?

In the 2002 Oklahoma general election, a ban on cockfighting was approved. I supported the ban. But additional rural Democrats who came out to oppose the ban helped to put some of my candidates over the top.

This fall, Oklahoma voters will get to consider a lottery, which I oppose, but which will likely bring out more Kerry voters. On the other hand, we will also be voting on a constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions. The last poll I saw on that, in the Tulsa World, showed the measure passing 4-1. I assume that the proposed amendment will bring out more Bush supporters. And Bush suporters, in turn, are more likely to oppose the lottery. No Democratic presidential nominee has carried Oklahoma since Johnson in 1964, and Kerry is unlikely to be the state’s choice on November 2. However, Democratic Rep. Brad Carson, who has endorsed the Federal Marriage Amendment to the U. S. Consitution, is given a good shot at taking back a seat for the Democrats. So what kind of turnout should I be hoping for? Or do I just celebrate victories and mourn losses without pondering the ingredients that make for the outcomes? Am I to be like a construction worker who might hate the devastation of a hurricane or tornado but enjoys the fruits of a resulting construction boon?

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La Shawn 07.28.04 at 2:23 pm

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Bene Diction 07.28.04 at 11:14 pm

Most of us live under a parliamentary system…it’s not that there isn’t party loyalty and certainly candidate loyalty from time to time. We vote for party. so erhaps it doesn’t feel as strange to us that an individual political contender would have views that would not be in perfect step to our own.

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