Ten ways in which evangelism is NOT like teenage sex

by Kim on July 20, 2007

(Apropos Richard’s link below)

1. It is impossible to have a “Decade of Teenage Sex”.

2. Teenage sex never treats people as souls with ears.

3. Teenage sex does not have a market for rings to wear to school in violation of dress codes.

4. Teenage sex does not usually occur outside St. Mary’s Church in Swansea, or consist of waving a black book in the air and shouting at passersby.

5. Teenage sex is more exciting than Nicky Gumble.

6. Teenage sex does not produce abysmal literature like the Left Behind series.

7. Teenage sex never requires revivals or crusades.

8. There is no teenage sex section in our hymn books.

9. Teenagers having sex do not put fish symbols on their bicycles.

10. Finally, on a serious note, teenage sex is not good news to the poor, and it often issues in unwanted births rather than desirable rebirths.

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J 07.20.07 at 9:34 pm

I don’t know about 6 - as tough a competitor as the “Left Behind” series is, teenage sex has likewise produced plenty of dreadful literature, and more than a few lousy movies too.

On a more serious note, number 9 might be an unrealistically optimistic hope for the behavior of teenage Christians, though a worthy goal.


dh 07.20.07 at 9:57 pm

Is it being implied that putting fish symbols on teenager’s bikes is not a good thing? I’m trying to understand ones views and want to see what is being said. To me having a fish symbol on a bike or car IS a great thing.


dh 07.20.07 at 10:01 pm

I also definitely wouldn’t call the “Left Behind” series “dreadful literature”. I know many a movie that portrayed teenage sex that were dreadful. I’m sure there are other dreadful books of literature that had teenage sex as a theme. I don’t see anything wrong with revivals or crusades. I see no problem with “purity rings” and to have those things be in “violation of schoold codes” seems rather strange in light of “free access of religion” and “freedom of speech” but “purity rings in violation of code” is outside of the constitution because it is in a “land over the big lake” :) . Also, all people have souls and all people have ears so I see no reason in treating people the same.

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