Letter from America

by Richard on July 29, 2004

My apologies!! I might be in the most “online” country in the world, but my access to digital resources has been somewhat limited.

We’re still in South Carolina, in the fair city of Spartanburg. I’ve met up with a friend who was a student chaplain when I was an undergraduate. It has been 20 years since we last met, but I’m glad to say that it’s like no time has passed. We both have families now of course, but they all get along really well too and it has been a real joy.

I’m still finding it hard to avoid feelings of envy at the scale of the resources that is available to the church over here. In terms of people and “plant” they are a million miles from the situation of the church in Britain. I’m still puzzled about why that should be so, but I strongly suspect that World War 2 has a lot to do with it. It is hard to maintain a naive faith when you’ve seen whole cities destroyed.

I visited the Walnut Grove Plantation the other day, which was alot of fun. Of course, the history is somewhat about face — the guides talk about Patriots and Tories rather than horrid rebels and loyalists ;) — but it is good to see things from another perspective. I found a brand of tinwhistle in the gift shop that I haven’t seen “in the flesh” before, and nothing gladdens the heart like a new whistle! It plays quite nicely considering who it is who’s playing it.

We’ll be making tracks in an hour or two, continuing south towards Florida. The plan is to stay overnight in the vicinity of Savannah before making the last push into the Sunshine State.

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Bene Diction 07.30.04 at 6:22 am

Excuse my ignorance about church things, but what do you mean by the ’scale of resources?’
What does in terms of people and plant mean?
Do you mean numbers?
You’ve pastored in the US before…is this old envy surfacing or new insight?
Glad to hear you’ve merely been not connected and are enjoying your trip.


Richard 07.30.04 at 4:16 pm

It isn’t new envy, but it is renewed! There are just more people in the church,
more space in the buildings, more money available… more of everything, really.

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