In Savannah

by Richard on July 30, 2004

A quick post from the historic city of Savannah, where I think John Wesley was based during his disastrous mission to Georgia. I wonder if there’ll be any information about him here?

It’s hard being a vegetarian traveller in the US — most vegetarians in restaurants here sem to be on the plates rather than at the tables! But we’ve found a rather jolly internet cafe that will do us a decent lunch, so I might be able to post something a little later.

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Qwestor 07.31.04 at 9:29 pm

Rich, I’m glad you’ve fond SOME fodder. Hope it improves as you travel. We would like to find something for you. Come on back. Thjere are veggies in the fridge that we forgot to eat while you were here. Would you like them by post. Send an address or call. The modem is still sporadic and I’m waiting until after the house closing on Tuesday afternoon before calling for a tenth return of cable “experts”.

Our love to you and the crew. We are still enjoying the freh memories as well as the fruit and veggies.




Richard 07.31.04 at 10:51 pm

We’ll definitely be back as soon as we can — but maybe you shouldn’t keep the veggies until we return!
We’ve done alright from Cracker Barrel on the road, but I wouldn’t want to enquire too closely into the stock & stuff that they use. Approximately vegetarian would probably cover it!

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