Michael Blakey Memorial Fund

by Richard on September 16, 2007

Readers who’ve been around here for a while will be pleased to know that the Memorial fund for Mike Blakey has now reached its target of £20 000. That’s great news, but of course the fund is still open for further donations.

Mike was a young man of tremendous gifts, funny and clever, compassionate and determined — he lived his life with courage and integrity. He wrestled with his faith — how many times did he tell us he wasn’t a Christian in his early days in Swansea? — and it became for him a source of strength and purpose. Mike dedicated himself to justice for the world’s poor and had a special zeal for the sufferings of people of Tibet. He was in Dharamsala working as a volunteer with children. He knew that he was in a hazardous place, but he went where his faith and principles drove him.

And we still miss him.

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