A question of etiquette

by Richard on April 30, 2004

You’re out for a walk with your dogs. They’re on their leads, so one hand is occupied. You’ve been a responsible dog owner and cleaned up after them but haven’t yet got to the bin, so your other hand is occupied too. You see a friend’s car approaching, and they’re waving a cheery greeting to you. You can’t wave back with the dogs ‘n’ leads hand. But do you wave back with the other? What message does being waved at with a bag of doggy doos send?

Purely hypothetically, of course.

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Dave 04.30.04 at 10:25 am

Wave a dog?


Ian McKenzie 04.30.04 at 2:32 pm

1 Nod your head furiously.
2 Train the dog to carry his own poop.
3 Walk with the missus so that she can: (a) be the designated waver or (b) be the poop carrier. If (b) do not try and disguise it as a romantic walk!

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