What denomination would Britney Spears be?

by Kim on October 23, 2007

A Methodist? She can sing - alas, she lacks the requisite sobriety.

An Anglican? Well, she likes fancy dress - and she’s in quite a mess.

A Catholic? She could certainly do with spending a fair bit of time in the confessional.

A Southern Baptist? Hardly - she makes a poor case for Intelligent Design.

A Seventh Day Adventist? Perhaps if she could resurrect her career - and come again.

A Quaker? But could she keep quiet?

No, she’s got to be with the Presbyterians. Check out the anagram!

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John 10.24.07 at 2:30 pm

A Pentecostal? Nothing out of her mouth makes sense without an interpreter.


alice 10.25.07 at 8:46 pm

that’s fantastic :) sorry haven’t been around for ages, took rhys to point this out to me. I’ll come and check in more regularly again now!

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