Christmas is coming…

by Richard on November 16, 2007

Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat
If you’ haven’t got a penny,
A ha’penny will do.
If you haven’t got a ha’penny,
God bless you!

Christmas is definitely coming, and I feel the spirit of the unreconstructed Ebeneezer Scrooge rising within me. Bah! Humbug!

You might get think that I don’t like Christmas, but you’d be wrong. I love all of it. Lights, decorations, carol-singing, cheesy old films, eating too much… I’m not one who complains about materialism at Christmas (at least, not much) because for me Christmas is a supremely materialistic festival. So if you were thinking of sending me a present, but hesitated because you don’t want to offend my sensibilities please — go ahead! ;)

No, what’s brought on my dose of the Ebeneezers is the vexed subject of “Christmas lists”. I thought Christmas gifts were supposed to expressions of love, a concrete expression of emotion. I don’t mind being given some pointers - “I’m really getting into Bolivian nose flute music” or some such. That gives me the freedom to browse, to choose within my budget something that you’ll like and that I’ll enjoy giving. There’s a mutuality about the gift-giving. But if you tell me “I want item no 123-456 from the Arg*s catalogue, it’s on page 123″ you turn me from a gift giver into a personal shopper. I like giving gifts. I hate shopping.


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ee 11.16.07 at 4:48 pm

Amen. But as it’s not yet Thanksgiving, you shouldn’t even be blogging about Christmas yet. ;)


Rick O'Donnell 11.20.07 at 2:06 am

ee is right; it’s too blinkin’ early for that.
Rule: no mention of Christmas (at least in the pagan/sensual/materialistic sense) until after Thanksgiving.
Thus spake Zarathustra.

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