Post Office conspiracy to eliminate ‘Christian’ stamps?

by Richard on December 7, 2007

There’s an email doing the rounds:

The Post Office do special stamps at Christmas secular and Christian on alternate years. This year it’s Christian but…….some 1st/2nd are of angels (sort of Christian but not exclusively) others 1st/2nd are of Mary& Jesus. Apparently Post Office staff have been told that if you ask for the ‘Christmas ’stamps they should give the angels (which is what happened to me) if you want the others you have to ask specifically for them. If no one asks then they will use this as an indication that no one wants specifically religious stamps.

I notice that Dave Faulkner has picked up something similar. Like him, I’m inclined to believe that this is another one of those attempts to get Christians worked up, but I’d be glad to know if anyone knows anything more about it.

Mind you, I can’t help pointing out that this year’s Christmas stamps (featuring angels) are issued in commemoration of Charles Wesley’s 300th birthday (”Hark the hearald angels sing!”). Furthermore, I’m not convinced that the Post Office has ‘alternated’ Christian and secular images on its Christmas stamps. If I get chance later, I’ll check…

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