Christmas carolling

by Richard on December 23, 2007

Christmas carolling may be dying, but it’s not dead yet. I went out last night with a group of about a dozen, mostly children and young people, to sing a few carols around the streets of Sketty. And, I must say, a good time was had by all. There is something very splendid about singing the good news of Jesus’ birth to anyone who’ll listen. I’m bound to say that I’m not keen on the way that carol singing has come to be linked to collection boxes, though after Kim’s last post, I’d better not be grumpy about it ;). We sang with and for joy, and the experience was all the better for that I reckon.

On the subject of carols, this morning we had ‘Hark how all the welkin rings’, to the tune ‘Easter Hymn’, which is (I think) what Charles Wesley originally had in mind for it. It went rather well, I thought. I’m not sure whether it was because of its unfamiliarity, but the words had a far greater impact on me than those of ‘Hark the herald’

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Jen 12.27.07 at 3:20 pm

I missed going out in the streets this year and singing carols. I was working so much before Christmas I couldn’t have done it if I knew that my new church was doing it! I know the alternative worship community I’ve been attending had a ‘Carols and Beer’ evening in the pub! But again, I was working. The closest I got to carol singing, outside of the carol service I made it to, was a group of singers who came into my work, stood in the middle of the unit and sang whilst I worked. That was moving.

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