Happy Christmas!

by Richard on December 24, 2007

One of the remarkable things about this blogging lark is the way that it really does enable a sense of community, even across international and cultural boundaries. Is it “far-fetched” to claim that this strange internet activity might have a small part to play in bringing the angels’ song of “Peace on Earth” just a little closer to fruition? Perhaps it is, and yet — wherever wounds are brought to healing, brokenness restored and love increases, that surely is the work of Christ. And I think I’ve seen some of that.

Blogging is going to be light to non-existent for a day or two I expect — but I’ve lined up a few of Mr Wesley’s nativity hymns to appear each morning, so there’ll be something new to enjoy even if I don’t put fingers to keyboard. The only thing that remains is to wish all readers a very happy, blessed Christmas. May you know the joy and peace of the Christchild. Whatever struggles you face in the future, may the light of the presence of Christ be always with you.

And I hope you get the presents you’re looking for!

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Bene D 12.24.07 at 9:54 pm

Merry Christmas Richard, Jane, Kim, Joel and all!

Thank you for for connexions, and for so warmly welcoming us one and all!


Rodney Olsen 12.25.07 at 1:17 am

Merry Christmas to all at Connexions.


Kim 12.25.07 at 5:47 am

Ditto, everyone who contributes to this great (Yule) blog (including this Mr. Wesley)!


DH 12.28.07 at 5:02 pm

Richard and to all who respond on this site (that goes for you Kim :) ), Marry Christmas to all. Could you all pray for my family this Holiday? My grandma died. She was such a wonderful woman. In fact I referenced a quote on a posting using her line “eternity is 12 inches, from your head to your heart”. She was also a woman that was such a prayer warrior. She would pray about everything and communed with Jesus it seemed all of the time just like a daughter with her Father. When she faced tough situations she would always say “Oh, Blessed Jesus. Oh, Blessed Jesus”. She would sing hymns and it seemed that the only songs she liked was hymns. When she and my grandpa would sing I always felt inspired to do more for Christ because it was so obvious that they meant every word from their soul.

She happened to have Alzheimers and lived to a grand old age of 84. My family got to see her at the last moments. They sang songs and hymns. Dad said that when she passed it was so peaceful. With all of her health problems from her I have no doubt she is in a better place and that one day I will get to see her again. If any person readin this is a believer I’ll remember to introduce you to her.

Well my first grandmother died in August from a stoke at 79 and now my other one has died. It was for the better and I’m sure it may seem from the writing that I’m not doing very well. However, I actually doing very well. I just wanted everybody to her how wonderful she was while on this earth and how much she was an inspiration to me and hopefully to other after reading about her.

I”l leave with something that I know she would be saying to me and to you as well: “Don’t worry about me, sonny boy. I’m doing fine, really fine.” :) She only had two grandkids and she would call me her number 1 firstborn grandson and my brother her number 1 yongest grandson.

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