Ukulele quest approaches its end

by Richard on December 28, 2007

From BBC Scotland

A musician who challenged herself to play a ukulele concert on every day of the year is nearing her goal.

Eilidh MacAskill has crossed the globe to play gigs and won fans around the world while carrying out her quest.

The 27-year-old, from Glasgow, has played venues in New York, Nova Scotia and at the Edinburgh festival.

Some of her performances were notched up in her living room, where the audience consisted of her pet cat - who does not like ukulele music.

Ms MacAskill’s quest began as an aspiration to do something creative every day in 2007, and began to gather steam following an impromptu ceilidh in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park in the early hours of 1 January.

Strangely, the Hall household acquired a ukulele yesterday…

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graham 12.29.07 at 6:28 pm

Congrats on your new uke!

I was given a gorgeous flea ukulele for Christmas and I love it.

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