Ama Sumani: plea for return

by Richard on January 12, 2008

Ghana’s High Commissioner in London has appealed to Britain to bring Ama Sumani back from Ghana.

Ama Sumani was taken from a Cardiff hospital on Wednesday where she has been receiving dialysis after cancer damaged her kidneys.

Ms Sumani, 39, whose visa has expired, says she cannot afford care in Ghana.

High Commissioner Annan Cato urged the government on Radio Four’s The World Tonight to allow her back to the UK.

He said the decision to deport her was regrettable and he appealed to the UK, which he said he considered to be a “very compassionate country”.

Mr Cato said: “Even now don’t think it is too late for them to reconsider position to allow her to come back and receive treatment. I would appeal to them to do so.

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Beth 01.12.08 at 4:41 pm

The High Commissioner has got a bloody cheek. I’m horrified at what the British government has done, but what right does this man have to ask for favours from someone else’s country when his own could so easily provide the care, has a duty to do so, and has already been offered payment for the first three months? I’ll bet his family doesn’t have to beg for medical treatment in Ghana.


Richard 01.12.08 at 5:42 pm

That’s a fair point.

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