Support for Rowan Williams

by Richard on February 13, 2008

This video comes from the General Synod of the Church of England. Note especially the contribution by evangelical scholar Elaine Storkey.

Via Dave Walker

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Kim 02.13.08 at 11:12 am

These shameless cheerleaders for the out-of-touch Archbishop clearly do not know anyone who has sought asylum from a Mulsim country.


James 02.13.08 at 11:19 am

Being ‘academic’ and ‘objective’ about Sharia law is like being ‘academic’ and ‘objective’ about Nazi policy towards Jews. While if you look at these issues emotively you are at risk of scholarly subjectivity, if you do not look at them emotively you are at risk of being inhuman, which in my opinion is worse, particularly for the head of the church.


Richard 02.13.08 at 11:53 am


Godwin’s law, anyone?


J 02.13.08 at 2:46 pm

There’s no point in lamenting the inevitable. On the bright side, it’s the 15th post in the series - I think we’ve done pretty well.


phillip 02.19.08 at 1:11 pm

We should all be honest enough to admit that while Islam may have been tolerant in its history, the current forms on offer are little more than nascent nationalism disguised by the pretension of a universal appeal (although its Rasul accords Arab men a different status to other men, hence the permitted temporary marriage when they’re too long from home on the business of Jihad) and while Williams was just being a cunning politician uniting the Church under the Shock doctrine tactic, in a country not famed for the depth and flexibility in thinking of its population, he’s surely being a poor politician at best. Islam is in the popular imagination associated not with Arabia in all its cultural magnificence but with Pakistan and horrible ugly inbreds who show the deformity of their inbreeding throughout most cities, certainly here in Birmingham, and this very ugliness reminds us of the mortal limit of our imagined autonomy, thus any idea associated with this will only call forth a violent loathing and xenophobic NO in the black and white communities, excepting of course those historically uneducated blacks who blame the slave trade on the white man and not the Arab.


Beth 02.19.08 at 4:58 pm

Woah - I thought I’d checked for trolls before I crossed the bridge, but clearly I wasn’t careful enough…

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