Faith & Patriotism

by Richard on February 25, 2008

Following Kim’s blogpost yesterday, Aussie theologian Ben Myers quotes Stanley Hauerwas on when it is time to doubt your salvation.

Correction: The original post comes from Halden, who notes that most of Hauerwas’ controversial list relates to the calendar, not the flag.

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DH 02.25.08 at 5:28 pm

I’m sorry Hauerwas is strange and weird. The concept of celbrating doesn’t mean worshiping something outside of God or placing something over the Lordship of God so the entire premise of Hauerwas or Halden or whoever the guy is (I mention Hauerwas in that I heard something like this but not the same words from him as well) on this particular matter is totally off.

So my only question I would say to doubt ones Faith of people who happen to be patriotic is this: Are you placing anything over the Lordship of Christ in your patriotism. If one worships God over country or anything than no one should be questioning that persons Faith in anyway. If one places their patriotism equal or greater than God than the concern is valid but only in that particular instance.


Earl 02.26.08 at 3:08 pm

Hauerwas is almost relevant. If he were actually speaking with any real authority, he would still be only almost relevant. As he speaks with no broad support, he is irrelevant.


Beth 02.26.08 at 3:19 pm

Right. We only believe in Jesus because he had broad support - otherwise he’d just be irrelevant.

Since when do we judge the rightness of what someone says by the number of people who agree with them? To do so is to risk throwing out the prophets just to get rid of the nutcases.


Earl 02.26.08 at 7:25 pm

Hauerwas is not Jesus. People listened to Jesus. They were persuaded by the character and integrity of his message and ministry. And if they were not, yet they could find no legitimate basis for criticism of him because his message and ministry were consistent with his character and integrity. For that same reasons just cited people continue to listen to Jesus. The character and integrity of his message remain persuasive. At no point can this be said of Hauerwas.

Is he a prophet? One would not think someone an artist who with hammer and chisel entered a museum to mount and deface a masterpiece. With a box cutter in his hand this same man on a airplane would not be thought a pilot. Using a caustic harsh weaponized vocabulary and employing cheap shot confrontational tactics, Hauerwas has more in common with those who damage and destroy that with those who create. Hauerwas is no prophet. Whatever else he might be others will have to decide.

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