Dave Faulkner :: Is Blogging For Self-Centred Nerds?

by Richard on February 26, 2008

Dave writes

Last Thursday, I attended the board meeting for Ministry Today, the small journal for church leaders on which I serve. I came away with a few tasks - four more books to review, someone to contact, and a couple of articles to write.

One of those articles is to address the title of this post. So I thought I’d enlist the help of friends who read this blog. What would you say in response this question? I’d love to incorporate the thoughts of several Christian bloggers into the final piece. If I quote you, I shall credit you and footnote your blog in the article. Just bear in mind I’ve been asked more to address the ‘why’ of blogging than the ‘how’.

You know what to do…

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Kim Matthews 02.26.08 at 2:12 pm

I blog, daily. I do it because the habit of daily writing requires that I keep my eyes open to God. I have to watch for Him — to be aware of Him in the world around me, or I have nothing about which to write. I consider blogging to be a discipline, as much as my morning devotional time is a discipline. My hope is that by blogging, I’m moving away from being self-centered towards being more God-centered.

Am I a nerd? Maybe, but with the ease of blogging, it is certainly not a requirement! If you can email, you can blog.


Beth 02.26.08 at 3:34 pm

I wrote a brief blog post on this very subject once.

I usually blog when I’m unhappy and/or can’t sleep. It helps an awful lot with both sadness and insomnia! I actually don’t care whether anyone reads it, and I don’t think pretty much any of my friends have the address for the blog.

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