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by Richard on February 29, 2008

A fine post

The purveyors of what I call ‘The Spiritual Prosperity Gospel’ repeat the mantra ‘If you preach the Real Gospel ™, people will flock to your church. ‘ It doesn’t work like that. If the church is short of ministers and it wants more people to serve as ministers, making a realistic job description is a good way forward. Don’t expect every minister to be Billy Graham and Mother Teresa rolled into one. Don’t expect them to single-handedly defy cultural trends. And don’t expect them to singlehandedly ‘do’ discipleship for the entire congregation.

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Kim 02.29.08 at 11:15 am

Very fine.

If people flocked to my church, I would either be (a) very worried about the gospel I was preaching (so I’m quite happy with a “trickle” rather than a “flock”), or (b) quite certain that they had mistaken Bethel URC for Sketty Methodist Church across the road. ;)

Kierkegaard is superb on this subject. For example:

“We humans believe that numbers mean something. For God, it is precisely numbers that mean nothing at all.”

“People protect themselves against truth and spirit by raising a cloud of numbers.”

“We are no longer salt, we are a mass.”

“If you want to be loathsome to God, just run with the herd.”

“Christianity has been abolished somewhat as follows: life is made easier.”

Finally: “Woe, woe to the church if it triumphs in this world, for then it will be the world that will have triumphed, not the church.”


DH 02.29.08 at 3:38 pm

I guess I see God’s desire to see as “..many receive to them He gave them power to be Sons of God.” in conjunction with the Great Commission. I believe it is God’s desire to see as many people that will to accept Christ as their Savior for eternal life. So it seems there IS some “numbers” involved. However, I agree with you Kim, we mustn’t look solely at the numbers because many times focus on the numbers takes away ones focus on the soul of people and the care we need to have for people. So while I might rephrase a bunch of what you said and disagree to a point with Kierkegaard, I thought that for balance we need to share with as many people as possible under the Holy Spirit (remembering we shouldn’t do anything without God telling us to do it) but the focus should be on people not “numbers. So I see a balance not a “reject outright” the concept of “numbers”.


PamBG 03.01.08 at 11:36 am

If people flocked to my church, I would either be (a) very worried about the gospel I was preaching.

Absolutely right.

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