Easter vigil :: walking into the night

by Richard on March 23, 2008

The Easter vigil was punctuated by specific acts of gathering for prayer. We began with a liturgy at 10:30pm, then gathered again at midnight, 2am and 4am. Sarah wrote this for our midnight gathering, and she has agreed for me to share it.

Easter Vigil 2008. Walking
into the night.

music as we enter

We see the coming of the night

We acknowledge the darkness which surrounds us

We look towards the dawn which will break through the shadows

But for now, we enter into the night


Let us pray:

Jesus our saviour,

you went knowingly into the city

you spoke the words which would anger your enemies

you challenged those with the authority to condemn you

you walked the path which would
lead to your suffering and death.

All these things you did willingly,

aware of the pain and anguish they would lead to

but also knowing the light which would follow,

which would transform you,
and the world you came to save.

God of the darkness, who created
both night and day,

be with us till morning


Easter poem

Music: I promise you.
Show of Hands

I promise you, light returning

I promise you, hope reborn.

I promise you gentle morning,

I promise you, new dawn

But first, we must bear the winter

...the rain and the gales, the frost and the hails,

the hard biting nails of winter

With our eyes open to the failing

with our faces turned towards the setting sun

with our steps guided by your presence with us

We follow you into the night

Knowing the hard times we will face

aware of the struggles that will come our way

accepting the loneliness which will follow

We walk with you into the darkness

We stand poised on the edge of the darkness

Knowing and fearing what is to come

Daring to hope for the morning

Scared to step out into the emptiness

And as we are here, you go before us,

and beckon us to follow.


Jesus who was lost and found in the garden,

never to be lost again,

Stand by us in the darkness of our crucifixions,

as those who loved you stood by you.

Die and rise with us in the suffering of the world.

Be reborn with us as love and hope and faith and endurance

outlast cruelty and death


The angels of God guard us through the night,

and quieten the powers of darkness

The spirit of God be our guide

and lead us to peace and glory

Closes in silence. Please leave when you are ready

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Kim 03.23.08 at 10:49 pm

Nice one, Sarah.

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