Gotta get a system

by Richard on April 23, 2008

PETER: Well, we need a system.

JESUS: A system?

PETER: Yes, a system - so we can be more efficient, more productive.

JESUS: I see.

PETER: We need to establish goals and set targets.

JESUS: “Goals” and “targets”, yes.

PETER: We need to prioritise.

JESUS: Yes, “prioritise”.

PETER: We need to monitor, evaluate, assess.

JESUS: “Monitor”, “evaluate”, “assess”.

PETER: I was thinking of a focus group, a performance-review team, and a market-research unit; and we’ll want a data-extrapolation consultant and, obviously, a director of finance. I was thinking Judas is the man for the job.

JESUS: Thinking, Peter - or calculating?

A while ago, Kim wrote this Jesus & Peter sketch which has more than a little relevance to some recent conversations. Today it has been reblogged (with some revisions, which should give the textual critics something to think about) over at Faith and Theology.

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Methodist Preacher 04.23.08 at 8:17 pm

Ignorance is bliss.


Kim 04.23.08 at 10:04 pm

Humourlessness is hell.

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