UMC no longer making disciples

by Richard on April 30, 2008

Hacking Christianity:

The United Methodist Church at General Conference 2008 just voted to no longer make disciples of Jesus Christ.

In other words, the mission statement of the UMC was previously “to make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Now the UMC’s mission statement is “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”

This is a good mission.hack. Why? Because it is utterly Wesleyan in that our discipleship leads us to act. We are not a passive people, we are a people with a blessing that requires that we pass it on. Like a cup overflowing with God’s love, now our mission statement reflects that discipleship must bubble up out of us in acts of mercy and justice.

May all congregations adopt this mentality of connecting faith with action.

Good stuff.

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The GC Blogger 04.30.08 at 8:31 pm

The bishops have been adding “for the transformation of the world” to the denomination’s mission statement for some time. This action by the 2008 General Conference represents their need to expound upon everything, often to the detriment of Christian faith and witness. That the church has to explain, in words, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ tells the world, in essence, it doesn’t know what it’s doing. Jesus’ life spoke for itself through his actions. The same should be expected of the church through its faithful people, not so much in word but in deed.


Richard 04.30.08 at 10:37 pm

That’s one interpretation. But I’m not convinced it’s the right one.

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