Internet argument

by Richard on June 19, 2008

Thanks to Beth for sending me this.

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dh 06.19.08 at 3:34 pm

Beth, are you the flying lady in this wonderful cartoon? You sure do look skinny, too skinny. :) Getting some “meaning” from the art. I have always said that if I went “over the lake” and we all had dinner with you, Pam, Richard, Kim and the like that we would all “get along” and have a wonderful time. Who knows we all might change are particular views over dinner. I have found in any discussion that the truth of any discussion is in the middle. When one removes the emotion and overgeneralizations then greater agreement can take place. That is why I get along so well with you all. It has taken months and even years. What I have seen in you all (there are some exceptions but overal) are people with good hearts and I hope and pray that you all see that in me as well. :) God bless you all, :)


Beth 06.19.08 at 3:56 pm

Nah, I’m one of the idiots typing nasty things to each other! (Though I do have significantly more hair than either of them.)

The cartoon is from, one of my favourite ever webcomics.


dh 06.19.08 at 4:06 pm

Well, with all of the discussion of the “truth in the middle” maybe I’m more of the person flying than I thought. Kim, Richard and Pam may disagree but at least I try. :) However, I do have much shorter hair than the flying person. :)

Also, maybe just maybe, the flying person is analogous to Jesus (flying by way of the Holy Spirit {not a perfect analogy because of the Trinity}) and that He desires us to have proper attitudes and hearts when talking and discussing with others? I thought you would get a “kick” out of that. Your thoughts?

P.S.: If it is any consolation, I haven’t heard any “nasty things” from you. ;) :)

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