New Methodist Vice President calls on Church to “choose life”

by Richard on July 6, 2008

From the Methodist Church News Service

David Walton, new Vice President of the Methodist Conference, called on the Church to “choose life” in his inaugural address. Speaking on the second day of the 2008 Methodist Conference, meeting at the Spa Centre in Scarborough, David said that we are all accountable in some ways for our lives, and that how we choose matters.

David is a practising lawyer from Manchester and he started his witty address with a comment that ‘it had been so cold in Manchester recently that some lawyers had been seen with their hands in their own pockets.’ He spoke of how the Church was helping people to ‘choose life’ in places as diverse as Guatemala and Derbyshire.

As a practising lawyer, David called on the Church to be aware of the difficult ethical decisions that modern business can force on people: he asked “what does it mean in practical terms to live out our Christian faith when the choices don’t always seem that clear cut?”

David went on to talk about he was inspired by a recent youth rugby match, even though he says “I am to football what Amy Winehouse is to morris dancing.” He challenged the Church to think about how it handles differences, and spoke of how his local church has a French West African congregation. Many of these are refugees from the Congo, and come from different sides of the civil war. Yet they work together to “walk to a new place together.”

As part of David’s address, he arranged for each member of Conference to be given an Eccles cake in celebration of his home.

By ‘eck! If he’s giving out Eccles cakes, he’s my kind of Vice President!

The full text of David’s address is here.

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Kim 07.07.08 at 10:46 pm

Eccles cakes constitute a “celebration”? That’s like saying Methodist Communuon wine constitutes a drink. David Walton must be related to - “the Waltons”! :)

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