A rose by any other name

by Richard on July 16, 2008

Olive, of Octomusings is trying to come up with a new blog name, having been prompted by Dave W. Any ideas?

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Olive Morgan 07.16.08 at 9:00 pm

Thanks for highlighting this, Richard. So far i’m quite enamoured of Pam’s suggestion of ‘Olive Branches’.


Richard 07.16.08 at 10:06 pm

‘Olive Branches’ is good!


Olive Morgan 07.17.08 at 8:54 am

Now i’m pondering the pros and cons of sticking with Octomusings for three years (until I’m forced to change) or deciding to change at some point before then. Octomusings is precious to me because of the exciting ministry I had among young bloggers when my server was Modblog. But thanks, Dave W. for setting me this challenge.

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