An afternoon in Narnia

by Richard on July 16, 2008

I took the kids to see Prince Caspian. I had 4 children: 3 girls (aged 7-11) and a 7 year old boy. The girls enjoyed it. Young T, though, declared it “boring”. When I asked him to elaborate, his final word was, “All they did was fight.”

I think he was right. To my mind it was at least half an hour too long, with too little character development for it to be really engaging. Visually, it was splendid and the actors playing the Pevensie children delivered the goods (especially the lassie playing Lucy), but sadly in the end it didn’t amount to much.

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Wood 07.16.08 at 7:40 pm

Apparently, it bombed in the US, so there’s only a very small likelihood of more Narnia films.


Richard 07.16.08 at 7:56 pm

That doesn’t surprise me.


graham 07.17.08 at 9:21 am

T is so right!

Most of the people I saw it with loved it (including my 11 year old daughter). However, I just got bored of one long prolonged battle after another.


Catholic Richard 07.24.08 at 2:09 pm

I thought that some bits of it were better than the book, and some bits were worse. There may be spoilers directly below this.
Reading the books, I thought Susan’s sudden disappearance was jarring and odd. But in Prince Caspian they introduced the idea that she didn’t want to come back to Narnia because she knew they would never get to stay there. Although this was somewhat undermined by the unnecessary romantic subplot with her and Caspian.
Having Peter relearn how to be a good leader was, I thought, slightly better done than the book where the children’s knowledge came rushing back as soon as they arrived, although Susan seemed to be an expert archer within minutes of arriving in Narnia.
I also liked the extended cameo by the White Witch, and that they didn’t spend too much time on the children getting from Cair Paravel to Caspian, I thought they timed that about right.
It was also nice to see Warrick Davies, who became famous as Wicket W Warrick, the main ewok from Return of the Jedi, and whose occupation isn’t so much “actor” as “professional dwarf”.
Slightly odd that the Calormenes were all Spanish, I got the impression from the book that they were supposed to be pseudo-Middle Eastern.

In general, although I liked it, I’m more looking forward to Voyage of the Dawn Treader than I was to this one, because that’s the book I remember most clearly from the old BBC adaptations.

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