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by Richard on July 30, 2008

Life is a bit strange at the moment. On the one hand, I need to be getting ready to move. (The removers are turning up on the 6th August) On the other, there’s stuff here that I’ve got to finish off. And, of course, there’s all that business of saying goodbye. I’m not good at that.

The last two Sundays have been emotional days — my last Sunday morning in Sketty, a ‘Circuit Service’ bringing together all the churches of the Swansea & Gower Circuit, my last service in Penlan (with a lovely lunch!) I’m bound to say that both the Circuit and the churches were very generous in their leaving gifts. I bought a spiffy new digital SLR camera and was given a clarinet by a couple of church members, so I’m able to resume two hobbies that have been rather neglected recently. I’m particularly excited about the clarinet: I used to play, but I sold my old clarinet when I was a student (after a difficult letter from the bank manager) and so it’s twenty five years since I last blew one. My skills and knowledge have declined a bit over that time! Lets see if I can get them back… Jayne thought I should try to play it in Sunday evening’s service, but I didn’t have the brass neck to inflict that on folk. Another time. Not only were the church folk generous to me, but they were also very open-handed in the offering at the Circuit Service, which I asked to go to the Mike Blakey Memorial Fund.

My daughters’ have had their last day in their primary school and my duties as a school governor are more or less complete. Fortunately, both of the girls are comfortable with the idea of moving so while they are sad to leaving friends, they are full of anticipation of the opportunities that the move will bring. For myself, I can’t see past the piles of stuff that still has to be put in boxes. I’m sorry that blogging has been more or less non-existant for the last little while. It is likely to continue that way for another week or so. The good news is that I’m pretty sure I’ve organised my broadband connection at the new house, so I should be able to get access to the interweb without too much delay when we’re there.

Bear with me. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…

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PamBG 07.30.08 at 9:15 pm

Many blessings on your move. May the Lord walk before you and give you (and your back!) strength.


Bene D 07.30.08 at 9:49 pm

What Pam said.

I had to leave my clarinet behind during a tight move, I still miss it. I’m delighted to hear you have one to start honking on, your friends knew you well.

So glad you posted, was just about to dash off an email to see if you were on the road yet.

“Where is the good in goodbye - The Music Man”


Paul Martin 07.30.08 at 10:21 pm

Hi Richard,

You and your family will be in my prayers as you move to your new home.

Every blessing



DaveW 07.30.08 at 11:13 pm

There are many evenings when a certain member of our family remembers after he ought to be in bed that he needs to do clarinet (or sax) practice. Ouch.

I hope there is a shed at the end of a long garden at your new place.

While we do some nice cycling on holiday will remember your move in my prayers.


Olive Morgan 07.31.08 at 9:04 am

With the absence of posts, I guessed what was happening at your house, so I’ve been praying for you - and will continue to do so until you are safely settled in your new abode. If I got it right that you are moving further north in Wales, perhaps we can look forward to having you on board at the 2009 ECG Event in Llandudno? Sorry, it’s not fair to load that on to you untik you’ve got the move well behing you, but I can’t help hoping!


Kim 07.31.08 at 9:38 am

Relax, Richard, and remember that in just two days tomorrow will be yesterday.

And as for your leaving me (you bastard!), as Stephen Bishop said, “I will be so miserable without you that it will be almost like having you here.” ;)


Wood 07.31.08 at 5:13 pm

I will miss having you nearby. All the very best for this, my friend.

PS. Want to meet up for a coffee or something before you go?


Allan R. Bevere 07.31.08 at 7:31 pm


Our prayers and the blessings of God go with you and your family.


Kim 08.01.08 at 8:15 am

Hey, guys, enough with the prayers and blessings already. He’ll still be in the paradise of Wales; it’s not like he’s going to the purgatory of England, let alone the inferno of the US!


dh 08.01.08 at 3:21 pm

We’ll Kim, at least I don’t have to drink to get my “BRAINS” being that I’m a teatoddler and happen to be American.

When my wife and I went to Rome they were having the European Rugby tournament. There were all of these Welsh people and they seemed so rowdy and obnoxious. I then realized something in my observations. They literally had their “BRAINS” on their sleeve (the front of their shirts) and in their hands. At which point I said to myself “ohh, that explains it”. :)


Richard 08.01.08 at 3:31 pm

They must have kept their arms in a strange place if their sleeves were on the front of their shirts!


dh 08.01.08 at 4:49 pm

Richard, well they were rubbing their bellies with glee. :)

I hope you took all of this in stride. I was trying to be humorous. If it came across as insulting I apologize that truly was not the intent. I just thought the word play with “BRAINS” within the Welsh and non-Welsh context was too humorous to pass up. :) Is that okay or did I go overboard? I have total respect for you and Kim and I want to make sure people get the right impression of me.

Thanks for the hyperlink :)


dh 08.01.08 at 4:52 pm

and I might add respect of your Welsh culture. :)

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